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8 Stages 24V Intelligent Lead Acid AGM GEL Multi Charger

 Item Code Rating Current
Wattage Voltage
MFP1220S8 20A 350W AC100~120V
MFP2410S8 10A 350W

Brand  :      N/A


MFP Series chargers can be programmed different battery types including GEL, AGM, Deep Cycle, and Calcium batteries. This function will optimize charging conditions and extend battery life.
MFP-Series can be operated as a power supply to run a 12V appliance, ideal for retaining equipment memory when changing a vehicle battery.
Feature :
Intelligent electronics monitor the charging process to deliver an
advanced 7 stage charge maximising battery performance and life.
Set the charging profile to suit the battery’s chemistry type,
extending the battery’s life.
Operates as a power supply to run a 12V appliance. Ideal for
Retaining memory when changing a vehicle battery.

MFP1220S8 / MFP2410S8 Charging curves


Item Code MFP1220S8 MFP2410S8
Voltage & Frequency AC 100~240V  50~60Hz
Power 350W
Voltage 12V(The Nominal Voltage) 24V(The Nominal Voltage)
Charger Control
Pre-Charge 5A up to 11V 2.6v up to 22V
Soft Start 10A up to 12V 5V up to 24V
Bulk 20A up to: 10A up to :
14.1V(GEL) 28.2V(GEL)
14.4V(AGM) 28.8V(AGM)
14.7V(calcium) 29.4V(Calcium)
Absorption C.V drops to 3.4A C.V drops to 1.8A
(Calcium mode only)
C.C. 5A up to 16V/2.6A C.C. 2.6A up to 32V/1.2A
then hold for 1 hour or time out(LED Blinks)
Analysis Monitors battery fo 90 Second (intermitten flashing LED)
LED Blinks)
C.C. 3A for 90 Min. C.C. 1.6A for 90 Min.
Limited to:
14.1V(GEL) 28.2V(GEL)
14.4V(AGM) 28.8V(AGM)
16.0V(Calcium) 32.0V(Calcium)
Float 13.7V 27.4V
Power Supply
Set Voltage 13.7V 27.4V
Maximum Current 20A 10A
Battery Range
Deep Cycle 70~200Ah 35~200Ah
Types of Batteries Most types of lead acid batteries including GEL AGM and CALCIUM
Operate Temperature 0~+40℃ , 20~80%RH
Storage Temperature -40~+80℃ , 10~ 95%RH
Safety & CE
LVD EN60335-1 & EN60335-2-29
EMI EN55014‐ 1(EMI)/EN55014‐ 2(EMS)
LED Instruction ON/OFF、Equalizer/ Float、GEL、AGM、Calcium、
PWR Supply Instruction
Ventilation Fan cooling (2 steps speed control)
O/P Wire Alligator Clips /Microphone XLR Connector/……
Size(mm) 190*115*58mm (L*W*H)
Weight 1.2Kg
1.Above data was based on 25℃,the O/P current maybe different at different temperature.
2. The charger is designed for charging only for batteries according to the technical specification.
 DC Output Connecting Wire Index
Connecting Wire
(Black & Red)
 Fit Item Code Standard Accesory
14AWG/1.2M MFP2410S8 YES
12AWG/1.2M MFP1220S8 YES

Connecting Terminal Choices
1 2 3 4 5 6
Remark: Connecting Wire and Terminal are available upon receiving customer's request.
1. Connect the charger system to a wall receptacle strongly.
2. Turn on the power switch of charger.
3. Press the MODE-button to select charging program.
4. Turn off the power switch of charger
5. Connect the alligator clips to battery terminals (red clip--->positive terminal; black clip--->negative terminal)
6. Switch on the charger system again. The battery is under charging
7. Please confirm if the battery type is correct or not. If not, please press the MODE-button to select charging program again.

*For indoor use only.
*Never try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
*The charger is designed for charging only for batteries according to the technical specification. Always follow battery manufacturer’s recommendations.
*If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available from the manufacturer or its service agent.
*Disconnect the AC input power to the charger before connecting / disconnecting the batteries or other DC loads or when working on the charger.
*Always provide for proper ventilation during charging.
*The charger was designed by aluminum housing with good thermal dissipation. However, avoid touching the case for safety purpose because the temperature may reach to about 50℃ on the case when charging
*To reduce the risk of electric shock, always disconnect AC power cord from your charger before attempting and maintenance.
*The battery charger must only be plugged into an earthed socket-outlet.
WARNING: Explosive gases. Prevent flames and sparks. Provide adequate ventilation during charging.

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