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5 Stages Smart 16V LiFepo4 Battery Charge

 Item Code Rating Current
Wattage Voltage
LFP05S080A 8A 150W 100~240V
LFP05S150A 15A 270W 100~120V
LFP05S200A 20A 370W
LFP05S250A 25A 460W
LFP05S350A 35A 640W

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   Digital Meter Display

                lifepo4 16v 5s charger

1. 3 Stages Charging: 1st-25% of rating current; 2nd-50% of rating current;3rd-100% of rating current (equalizer).
2. Automatic Re-charging Battery: If the battery voltage <@3.1V/cell after full charged, the charger will automatic re-charging the battery.
3. Short-circuit Protection: Charger O/P cut-off automatically when short circuit
4. Overload Protection: Charger O/P current-limited automatically when overload.
5. Reverse Polarity Protection: Charger O/P cut-off automatically when battery reverse connection.
6. Unique Digitalt Meter Display: Indicating charging voltage, current, battery capacity (percent and AH) and charger status (timer, pre-charge,.....)
7. 3 LED Display: Red(power), gr.een(full charged) & orange(equalizer charge
Charging Curve and LED indications

lifepo4 16v 5s charger

Item Code LFP05S080A LFP05S150A LFP05S200A LFP05S250A LFP05S350A
Equalizer Charge 18.25V+/-0.1V
Rating Current (+/-0.2A) 8A 15A 20A 25A 35A
Pre-charge1(@<2.5V/cell)Timer1 (30minutes) (+/-0.2A) 2A 3.75A 5A 6.25A 8.75A
Pre-charge2(@<2.9V/cell)Timer2 (6minutes) (+/-0.2A) 4A 7.5A 10A 12.5A 17.5A
< 30% of rating current Timer3 (2hours ) (+/-0.2A) 2.4A 4.5A 6A 7.5A 10.5A
Cut-Off(10% of rating)(+/-0.2A) 0.8A 1.5A 2A 2.5A 3.5A
Wattage 150W 270W 370W 460W 640W
Efficiency > 85% (at full load)
Voltage 100~240V 100~120V OR 200~240V
Frequency 47~63Hz
Battery Reverse YES, Automatic Shutdown
Short Circuit YES, Automatic Shutdown
Overload YES, Current Limited
Cooling Fan Speed Controlled by Charging Stage
Dimensions(mm) 167*103*50 190*118*58 152*70*225 152*70*225 323*231*106
Net Weight 0.9KG 1.2KG 2.1KG 2.4KG 4.2KG
Pcs/Carton 20 8 6 6 2
Gross Weight 27kg 15kg 17g 17kg 12kg
3S,5S,6S,7S,9S,10S,11S, 20S,32S and other cells is available upon receiving customer's request.
DC Output Connecting Wire Index
Connecting Wire
(Black & Red)
Fit Item Code Standard Accessory
16AWG/1.2M LFP04S100A LFP05S080A LFP08S070A
LFP12S045A LFP16S035A LF24S020A
14AWG/1.2M LFP05S150A LFP08S100A LFP08S140A
LFP12S065A LFP12S090A LFP12S110A
LFP16S050A LFP16S070A LPF16S085A
LFP24S035A LFP24S045A LFP24S055A
12AWG/1.2M LFP04S200A LFP04S250A LFP05S200A
LFP05S250A LFP08S170A
LFP12S150A LPF16S110A LFP24S075A NO
10AWG/1.2M LFP04S300A YES
LFP08S230A LFP12S300A LFP16S220A
LFP24S150A LFP16S250A LFP24S170A
8AWG/1.2M LFP05S350A LFP04S450A LFP08S440A
LFP08S500A LFP12S330A
4AWG/1.2M LFP04S900A LFP04S1000A NO
Connecting Terminal Choices
lifepo4 16v 5s charger lifepo4 16v 5s charger lifepo4 16v 5s charger lifepo4 16v 5s charger lifepo4 16v 5s charger lifepo4 16v 5s charger
1 2 3 4 5 6

Remark: Connecting Wire and Terminal are available upon receiving customer's request.

1. Connect the charger system to a wall receptacle strongly.
2. Connect the alligator clips to battery terminals (red clip--->positive terminal;
black clip--->negative terminal)
3. Turn on the power switch which is located on the front panel of charger, then
the red LED lits and bi-color LED will confirm the charger's stage. And also the
Digital meter will confirm the charger's O/P voltage, current and battery level.

1. This charger was designed for charging LiFEPO4 and Lithium type batteries only.
2. Not to recharging non-rechargeable batteries.
3. The battery charger must only be plugged into an earthed socket-outlet.
4. Always place the charger in well ventiated and dry environments.
5. The battery charger was designed by aluminum housing as itself heat sink,
avoid touching the case for safety purpose because the temperature is about 50
degree C on the case when charging.

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