About Us

“Yesa  Power” is another business of Yesa Technology CO., LTD.(since 2003)  If “Yesa Battery” is an aftermarket product which is the replacement of the original product, “Yesa Power” is a deviation from the route of copying to the fine route of self-development.
We have faith in “Doing Well by Doing good ”. We are trying our best to make some contribution to the aim of returning a clean earth to human being. So every item on this website is a power battery derivative from the environment friendly, pollution free Lithium battery
We are committed to:

-Makeing  the products we are most professional with, such as battery chargers and LiFepo4 car start battery

-Searching for the partners whose notions are agreed upon by all and whose products are the best in the world, for example, the solar solution systems and inverter of Darfon in Taiwan
The three top of  Our Charger

1.     Mastering every detail of manufacturing, modularized parts is suitable for the products small in amount and high in diversity.
2.     Whole chargers are assembled in Taiwan by qualified and highly skilled workers, with a defect rate of less than 0.1%.
3.     After sales service is as long as 3 years. Long binding promises win the trust of customers.
The three top  of  Our Car Start Battery

1.     Undeterred by the exhaustion of their equity capital, a group of Chinese has only one aim in mind, to research and develop lifepo4 power battery.
2.     It was tested thousands of times by taxis in 5  China cities in a period of 3 years. No expense has been spared in maintaining its quality.
3. Every product has its own ID, by which a comparison can be made between the data recorded when it exited the factory and the data recorded after it has been used for some time, returned to factory for a check.